Berlin based artist Christian Moeller was born in the southwest industrial city in Ludwigshafen on the Rhine, Germany.



From the catalogue: "Pictures. Very far away; on the invention of longing for a sky of only flowers, the waiting until dawn and the trap of being apart." published by Baden Art Association, Karlsruhe, Germany and Art Association Braunschweig, Germany 1998, ISBN 3-89309-083-5

"The paintings of Christian Moeller exert an exotic attraction. Developed merely in black and white tones on large canvasses, the intense, attenuated and pushed movements draw the viewers attention into an impenetrable thicket of compact and transparent forms.

Given over to the pull of cosmic breadth in the boundless universe, which is incomprehensible to human conception, single formed shapes reappear as unexpectedly out of the abyss as they disappeared.

The paintings of Christian Moeller generate their inner tension in this border area between the surface of the canvass, which reveals the traces of the set colours, and the pictorial depth of colour modulation in endless ratios of black and white tones in all thinkable values of grey to dark black to brightly sparkling flashes of white light. They invite looking. They attract and allure the observer to be reluctantly involved in the dramatic event. Even when he, with aversion and fear of the unknown of such worlds which do not promise beauty, or enjoyment of the aesthetic but probably dread and abysses, tries to defend himself against these, and in trying to resist, then still only looks into himself. The images guide the observer, once submerged inside these dim labyrinth spaces, left alone yet directed by the artist, as Vergil by Dante in the "Divine Comedy", to the world of the inferno as well as to happiness, where life is played out. The longer one stays in these broad painted spaces and moves through them, the richer and more surprising the discoveries of those images which start to come up in our fantasy, occupying our thinking recome. These are not the images which obsessed Christian Moeller when he departed on his artistic incarnations, but our own images, which we discovered inside of us."

Dr. Andreas Vowinckel



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Christian Moeller, "untitled", 1993, Acrylic paint on canvas, 80X90 cm, all copyrights by the artist and VG Bild Kunst Bonn